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Aarthdaro World Book – Extract (geography)

Civilized Nations (from deep snow of the north the to world scar)

Aefnia – Human homeland to the far north, a grouping of various factions under a High King. (Norse)

Briva – Island just southwest of Aefnia, Matriarchal society worshiping a Nature Goddess (celtic england)

Covgord – Oppressed mostly human nation under a vicious Mage-Tyrant (Gothic Eastern Europe)

Cheyomera – Open Steppes are the home to the best horse traders in the world (Siberian Taiga/Pampas)

Hoshen Province – Halfling Colony of the Empire, mercantile by nature (Three Kingdoms China but Halfling)

Ealvick – Human kingdom, famed for its wines (pre-renaissance italy/spain)

Keen-Araz – Human nation closest to other races, centre of trade and diplomacy (Roman North Africa/non-fremen Arrakis)

Palisreun – One of two remnants of an ancient elven empire (ancient egyptian empire converted to christianity)

Morhensia – The other elven successor nation, currently occupying the dwarven homeland

Khargistone – Dwarven homeland ruled by elven occupiers (the west bank)

West of the Civilized Nations

Wild Lands – Vast tracts of unexplored wilderness, home to giants, dragons, and who know what else

Tel-Al-aDrash – Orcish tribes inhabit this region and launch raiding parties into civilized lands

South of the World Scar

Southern Wildlands – Jungles deep and teeming with creatures weird and deadly

Vhas – Home of the Vhas race, verdant jungle with city states (hindu myth)

Dur-Ra – Desert Nomads, Dorjin follow herds of beasts in their migrations (fremen)

Parts East

East of the Hoshen Province is the Great Divide Ocean, the Sea Wall, Marasoor, The Expanse, and the Monster Nations.

World Info

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